Simple Ideas to Successfully Prep For Your First Tax Filing Season

Successful Prep For Your First Filing Season


When anyone begins operating a new payroll business, there is a lot of work taking place behind the scenes. It’s necessary to make certain things operate efficiently. This is one part of operating a payroll business that makes it possible to provide a high-quality product. It’s how a company can give the best possible service to their customers. This type of preparation is essential for anyone owning a payroll business. It will be a huge help when facing the first tax filing season.

Office Preparation

It is essential to make certain everything the staff needs to operate efficiently and effectively is made available. This includes having an adequate number of trained staff members ready to do the work. It’s time to make certain a sufficient number of the latest, and most updated tax forms are available. The most recent versions of accounting software must also be installed and ready to be used. This is a time to make certain all staff members are comfortable with the software they’ll be using.

Tax Season Office Preparation
Tax Season Office Preparation

Understand the Payroll Business

A key to success is understanding the scope of the new payroll business. It’s essential to remember that each client has a unique situation. Knowing the type of individual business needs for each client will benefit both the client and business. This will let the payroll business owner know the level of personalized service they’ll be required to provide. The owner needs to carefully analyze their client list.

Have a database dedicated to managing filing requirements, necessary documents and deadlines for every client. Prior to the filing season, it is important to review the master schedule with staff. This is essential for making certain they know all the important filing dates. Compliance requirements for each client has to be discussed. Staff needs to know what is required for each client they will be working with during the filing season.


Developing successful communication is an important part of preparing for the initial filing season. The payroll business owner will earn a lot of credibility if they take the time to meet with each of their clients. It is best if the meeting takes place in person. These meetings should be a time to discuss the client’s needs and expectations. It’s also a time for the payroll owner to let the client know the expectations of the business.

Both parties benefit when successful communication occurs in regards to their filings. There will be deadlines and filing requirements that must be discussed. In many cases, there will be important documents necessary the client will need to provide. This is the time to make clients aware of the documents and discuss a process to provide them for the filing.

New Tax Laws
New Tax Laws

New Laws

The new tax laws usually go into effect on January 1. It is important to be aware of all the changes in the tax laws and how they will impact clients. In many cases, there can be new requirements or changes in filing methods. Meeting with clients before filing can help them to plan and meet any new requirements that affect them. When payroll business and clients work together, it will be easy to obtain all required data and information to make the filing process simple.

Big Picture

Once the master schedule of deadlines is finished, and a list of required filing dates is complete for every client, the big picture will quickly come into focus. All the work that needs to be done for the first filing season will be realized. It is important to determine the amount of time necessary to meet each client’s needs. This should be matched against the number of staff and their availability. Once this is done, it is not uncommon for a payroll business to realize they need to hire additional staff for the filing season. Proper staffing is essential for success.


Regular Tax Season
Regular Tax Season

Regular Business

During the filing season, there will be forms that need to be prepared and filed for clients. Regular payroll work will also need to be maintained during this time. It is important to have an effective process in place before the start of the tax season to make certain regular payroll work is not overlooked.

During the tax filing season, things will be very busy. If there is a process in place to handle the increased volume of work, it will provide the ability to focus on any urgent situations that may occur. It will be important to communicate with both staff and clients about the process that will be in place. Staff and clients also need to know any steps that are necessary for them to make certain the process works effectively.


Anybody who has a payroll business knows the most detailed plans will have problems. They may even need to be altered. Unanticipated issues will arise, but they can be handled. A process must be designed so that it is flexible and can handle unexpected issues during the filing season.

Mis-filings, incorrect information as well as errors and penalty notices will be part of the filing season. It could be a benefit to create a hotline or email address dedicated to deal with filing issues. Staff must be adequately trained on a firm’s process to deal with any issue that may happen with clients.


Stressful Tax Time
Stressful Tax Time

Stressful Time

The filing season is a very stressful time for all payroll firms. Old and new firms must handle an increased sense of urgency and work load. When heading into the filing season with a well-devised plan and adequately trained staff, the first filing season can have fewer challenges.

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