Cost Effective Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation

The Most Affordable Ideas to Show Your Employees Appreciation

For a great and productive company, many factors come into play. It is not only the products and services and the profits involved that defines a great company, but the personnel. Employees are the image of the company through which it is defined and recognized externally. Thus, there is a need to appreciate employees and show them how much they are valued.

Make employees feel valued
Make employees feel valued


At times at work, I have felt unappreciated and dejected. Many times I have felt like the management does not recognize how much value I am to them. I have felt so bad when seeing them award themselves at retreat parties for the success of the company. They are completely oblivious to the dedication and passion I had to put up to contribute to that success.

Employees need empowerment and appreciation to boost their morale and self-esteem. It accrues to positive outcomes at the end. Increased productivity comes with positivity and feeling of self-worth. As a result, we have put together affordable ways to show appreciation to employees.

Meet employee needs
Meet employee needs


1. Meet Your Employees’ Needs

An expensive gift is not a guarantee that someone will feel appreciated. Think broadly about what your employees might need. As you, what are my employee’s goals, and what are some of the problems they face? Can I contribute to facilitating them in solving the challenges? Your employees will be more satisfied when you decide to offer flexibility hours, and giving in some wellness benefits. They will feel less stressed and be happy. Thus, these will be guaranteed increase in productivity for you.

2. Say “Thank You”

Show appreciation for their hard work. A thank you note can be good at this point too. It makes them feel appreciated, and their morale is boosted. A positive thing for increased productivity

3. Celebrate Employees’ Achievements

It is good to be aware of with your employee’s big moments like work anniversaries, birthdays, life accomplishments, and work accomplishments. Get them together in a room then invite the employee you are celebrating. Give him or her standing ovation. It feels nice and appreciating in nature.

4. Create Company Customs

A committed employee is a huge asset to a company. Creating a tradition can be a fun way to show appreciation. Name an office after employees who have stayed for five years and above. It makes them feel good and more productive.

Throw a company party
Throw a company party


5. Throw a Party

Parties provide a platform to get to know them better. Prepare a toast and a speech to show your thankfulness. Knowing them puts them at ease with you. It gives the confidence and positive attitudes toward you and the company.

6. Instill Love Among Them

At least once a month, organize an event where each employee buys cards to each other. They then read the cards out loud. An employee wants to be appreciated even by their colleagues. It boosts the emotional well-being.

Employee contests
Employee contests


6. Host Contests

It is a cool way to bring employees together and have some fun. Some of the contest can include bingo tournament, pie-baking contests. The contest should have great prices for the winners.

7. Flexibility Hours

Let the employees work when they want. The flexibility can be worth a lot. If work coverage is critical, have a calendar so that they can balance the time with other employees. Flexible hours give them time to rejuvenate.

Offer flexible work hours
Offer flexible work hours


8. Take Them to Tour

Take your employees to a tour at one of your vendors or suppliers premises. It is a fantastic way to expose them to the people they have work relations. The employees gain more insight as a result.

9. An amazing office

Set up an amazing office. One better than yours and each time award the employee you want to recognize with a full month stay at the office. It shows them that you recognize their efforts. Productivity is boosted in this case.

Give Annual Awards
Give Annual Awards


10. Annual Awards

Organize an annual gathering of the company. Recognize employees that have made greater efforts to contribute to company’s success. Make sure you give the other gifts too.

One of the most critical things to avoid is forgetting to deliver business holiday cards, work anniversary cards or corporate holiday cards on time. Any employee will tell you honestly that an employer who forgets to acknowledge their service during the Holiday season is not their first priority.

11. Support Employee Development

Ensure you give them required support to enhance further their career. Offer them training opportunities if need be. Allocate to them a coach to fix whatever they need.

12. Random Gifts

Leave a token of gifts like Starbucks Cards, gift cards or movie tickets. What of an attractive card mounted on the employees’ desk with a note that says “I appreciate your good work”?

Company Family Day
Company Family Day


13. Family Day

Organize a day where each employee has to come with his or her family. Have some fun with the family and get to know each family member. It boosts your relationship with your employees and shows them how much you care and appreciate them.

14. Dinner

Make sure at least you have dinner with each and every employee. Have a one on one talk with them and tell them how much you appreciate their work. Let them share their personal views on work. It creates effective communication.

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